Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What? It's Only Human Life

From a pro-abort:

“Look. Abortion kills a baby, a human being, right? Well, I’m cool with that. If it makes a woman happy to get rid of her kid, she should do it. I don’t see why you’d stress out about it.”

Even worse. From a pro-lifer:

"People are going to die, right? So like, people shouldn’t kill babies and stuff, but they’re always going to. So I don’t see the use of even bothering to do anything, you know. It’s life.”
This is one reason I like to push the phrase "fetal rights." It's not enough to be pro-life, you have to support fetal rights.

Apathy and callousness are a self-defense mechanisms. It stops people from having to think about the issue, or do something about it. It would cost too much.

But what? It's only human life.