Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Number of Abortions Done in Ontario Should Not Be a State Secret

Run with Life's Pat Maloney reports that in 2010, approximately 18 300 surgical abortions were performed in doctor's offices in Ontario.

This statistic is based on a Freedom of Information request. Before Ontario decided to exclude abortion numbers from public scrutiny.

That number of astonishing. It would be a significant percentage of all abortions.

These abortions were not counted by CIHI because they only count abortions done in clinics and hospitals, and those numbers are only provided at the provincial health ministry's discretion.

My next question would be: how many doctors are performing these abortions, and what is the average number of abortions they perform?

Because perhaps some doctor's offices may be operating as de facto abortion clinics, tucked away in private office space.

But we can't know this information, can we?

Because the Government of Ontario doesn't think  you have the right to know what your tax money is paying for.

It's also unfortunate because without these statistics, it paints a misleading picture of what's going on with respect to abortion in Ontario. People of all perspectives should support the publication of aggregate abortion numbers for the sake of the truth.