Friday, December 05, 2014

The Umpteenth Reason Why I Can't Stand Feminism

From a column on Pope Francis and women:

It would take some political bravery on his part, but the ordination of women would go a long way toward showing that women aren’t just some weird, biological necessity with no other value.
Feminists can be so blind to people who do not share their worldview.

Do they really think that Catholics view women as some "weird, biological necessity with no other value"?

Do they really believe that devout Catholic women reduce their whole selves to their ability to pop out kids?

There are so many faithful Catholic women out there in the world, doing all kinds of tasks that don't have to do with child-bearing.

What are you, blind?

The other thing that bugs me is the flipside of the coin.

Feminists diminish child-rearing.

There are women in the world who absorb themselves in having kids and raising them.

And what's wrong with that?

Is a woman who immerses herself in her role as a mother less of a human being? Is she less worthy of consideration?

Feminists sure make it sound like the only way a woman can have dignity is to reject that role.

And besides that, feminists never bother to understand how Catholicism works.

The issue of women's ordination is closed. It's not happening ladies. It won't happen.