Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top Feminist Fiascoes of 2014

In the LA Times? Okay.

I think this one is the winner:

F-Bombs for Feminism: Someone actually thought it would help the cause of women to dress up little girls in princess costumes and video them as they dropped the f-word more times than Leonardo di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I kept hoping the voices in this video were dubbed by adults who had the sense not to put foul words into the mouths of children -- but no chance.

The list is America-centric. I would add the FEMEN protest at the Ottawa March for Life.

And Femen in general. Some radical feminists think it's a good idea sexually harass clergy by disrupting them while protesting topless. With writing all over their body. That totally makes feminism look accessible and relevant to normal human beings. (Not.)

My favourite reaction to Femen was from the Archbishop of Quebec, Gerald Lacroix, whose speech was they interrupted at the March for Life. He kept speaking the whole time and did not take his eyes off his paper. Later, when asked by a journalist about the topless protesters, he said "oh they were topless? I really missed something!"

 Humour is the only way to deal with these people and with feminism in general. It takes itself way too seriously.