Friday, January 16, 2015

Fredericton Abortion Clinic to Re-Open

Story here.
Clinic 554 here.

It's very sad news. More human lives will be taken.

However, considering that it will focus on the queer population --not just abortion-minded women, it might be an opportunity for outreach.

I have a hunch this clinic will have trouble staying open, even with government funding.

Aside from abortion-minded women, it will seek to serve the LGBT community. I have no doubts that they exist in the community, but it seems to me that they would be just as happy to go to any other medical facility. Perhaps Trans people might have a greater reason to go there, but how many people in NB are Transgender?

Then there's the issue of finding medical staff who broadly agree with the ideological orientation of the clinic. It's one thing to open a clinic. Quite another to require those values of medical staff. Support for abortion doesn't necessarily translate in affirming  a confused adolescent's desire to undergo sex-change surgery.

New Brunswick might not be the best place for a clinic like this. It might stay open with government funding, but barely.