Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gender identity to determine where Ontario transgender inmates are placed

Ontario Human Rights commissioner Barbara Hall said the policy helps protect the rights of trans people, who face a higher risk of harassment and violence behind bars from other inmates and sometimes corrections staff.

Because putting a biological woman among male inmates won't lead to harassment at all.

"This innovative policy is a major step towards removing that risk and providing a safe, supportive environment for people of all gender identities," she said.

I'm crying as I laugh here. A male penitentiary as a safe and supportive environment?

I feel like a feminist here. The danger to women-- which is what trans men are-- is damned obvious.

A young horny man with a criminal background who hasn't had female contact in years, who learns a he is in the company of a bio female will be tempted to rape her.

This is not freakin' rocket science!

And did you notice that there wasn't one voice to represent those who might object to this policy^

The silver lining is that this policy will easily prove itself to be wrong over the long term.