Sunday, January 04, 2015

Link Dump: New Cardinals,SoCons, Fetal Rights, Muslim Apostates, Swedish Catholic Convert

Francis reaches out to the margins in his picks for new cardinals

John Allen writes:

While geography seemed the determining factor in these picks for Pope Francis, who at times struggled even pronouncing the names of his new cardinals, it’s noteworthy that the list includes a couple of high-profile moderates but no one with a clear reputation as a doctrinal or political conservative.

Consider Archbishop Souraphiel of Addis Ababa:

In December 2008, he was one of a dozen Ethiopian religious figures who adopted a resolution against homosexuality, urging Ethiopian lawmakers to endorse a ban on homosexual activity in the constitution.[3]

I would do a bit more investigation before making any conclusions about the candidates' conservatism or lack thereof.

Pope Francis doesn't care about the culture war. He cares if the candidates are on board with his leadership style or no.


With social conservatism seemingly spent as a political force, its adherents forced to rethink their strategy

The perennial dismissal of social conservatism.


Calling for the end of the protection of a class of human beings. Kinda scary.

For Muslim apostates, giving up their faith can be terrifying, alienating and dangerous

Conversion of Sweden's Most Influential Pastor Causes 'Pain and Disillusion

All Saints Kanata Rethink Hate Group. GSAs are Trojan Horses in our Catholic schools.