Saturday, January 10, 2015

LINK DUMP: ProLife,Free Speech, Christian Resistance to Isam

Atlantic Canadians shift views in support of abortion? Not so much. From Campaign Life Coalition

Albertos Polizogopoulos:Christian Lawyers and Doctors Need Not Apply:

Beyond this faith in our legal system, my instinct to fight these battles in court is founded in an awareness that for some time, many in the Christian community have been passive and unwilling to stand up for our constitutional rights. That passivity has contributed to the current state of affairs. TWU has not been passive. Physicians have also fought back. It’s time that Christians stand with other Canadians in securing our constitutional rights.

New Congressional Bill Would De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Of course it would be vetoed even if it did pass, but I try to remain hopeful.

Dallas, Texas Abortion Center Shuts Down, First Clinic in 2015 to Close Its Doors Yeah baby!

Kansas Doctor Still Barred Over Abortion Referrals

Conrad Black: Defending the Christian West:

We must stop hiding our Christian light under a bushel, and end this imbecilic fantasy that indulgence of those who would kill or subjugate all of us and anyone else deemed ambivalent in their hydra-headed jihad will achieve anything except the encouragement of their violent contempt

When you don't oppose jihadis, you encourage them.

Rex Murphy: We are not Charlie Hebdo

In the photo that accompanies the column, the cover of Charlie Hebdo is pixelated. How ironic!

Rex Murphy:

This part of the world has a sack full of pieties when it comes to free speech, but its own actions, and frequently its own words, put the lie to all of them. Bowing to ruthless protest has become a habit. Labelling speech some people simply do not wish to hear as “hate speech” succeeds in silencing it. In matters big and small, on issues from global warming to abortion, there is collusion — we call it political correctness — over what should not be said, what cannot be said.

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

But the real battle, as they understand, is not Islam versus an empty licentiousness. That is too easily won. It is instead Christ versus Mohammad: the only battle in which they can be thrown onto the defensive; in which their own children can be turned against them.