Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Fr. Rosica Says He Will Not Sue Vox Cantoris

I knew it.

Fr. Rosica's statement.

So if he wasn't going to sue, why did he issue the letter in the first place? (PS: the law firm did the work for free. You have to wonder... why did they agree to this? )

If anything, this unwillingness to sue just emboldens the opposition.

That wasn't a smart move. People will now know they can say any old crap about him (as long as it falls below the legal definition of defamation) and he won't do a thing.

It feels like Fr. Rosica committed a very lame act of bullying.

If anything, this diminishes his credibility. Not a blog read by a (relatively) small audience. He's baring his teeth without backing it up.