Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Links: Catholicism, Genocide Prevention, Marriage

German Prelate Breaks Ranks With Cardinal Marx, Insists on Fidelity to Rome

Whoa, a cardinal cat-fight. You almost never see a cardinal oppose another cardinal so openly, especially when they're from the same country. Praise God, somebody with sense in that country!

Priests need defense against false accusations.

Even if a bishop thinks his priest is innocent, the out-of-court settlement that is sought could make it impossible to re-instate him.

12-Year-Old Girl Tried to Kill Her Mom TWICE Over Confiscated iPhone

Boy that family is a Dr. Phil show waiting to happen.

Slander and Character Assassination are Murder with Words

Character assassination works. It's a fact. Lying, adolescent, viral memes about politicians and other celebrities do the job. If you can make something stick to your opponent and make him look foolish, you win. At least in the short term.

That's no reason to do it.

Every Christian should care about their own soul more than anything else. Let me repeat: more than anything else.

This is why you should avoid turning into a name-calling, anger-machine. Sure it feels good. But it's antithetical to holiness. It's not humble. It places a higher value on politics than people and ultimately God. If you have to gratuitously denigrate people to win your cause, it's time to get out. Just because what you say is true doesn't mean it's good for your soul.

Warren Kinsella pointed this out:

For Matthews, that’s part of the larger problem. He said that the opposition parties are being too narrow-minded when they frame the mission from a combat perspective alone, neglecting to acknowledge Canada’s international legal obligation to prevent genocide.

As a pro-lifer, I feel hurt when I see genocide being perpetuated again and again. What the hell does it take to get people to act to stop these barbarians? The number of countries and people who strongly oppose this force is far in excess to ISIS. What the hell are we waiting for?

Life is cheap in this world. That's what I conclude.

Margaret Wente talks about the new divide: marriage. The thing is, you don't have to be rich to be married. You don't have to be rich to understand the philosophy of what I call The Straight and Narrow. We used to call them Judeo-Christian values, but you don't have to be Christian or Jewish to understand the value of permanent marriage, strong family, working hard, clean living and the like. Marriage is a reflection of the commitment to those values. If you do everything prescribed by the Christian religion, even if you're not religious, your chances of poverty are greatly reduced, and even if you are poor, your quality of life will be better than if you hadn't live a Straight and Narrow lifestyle.