Thursday, March 19, 2015

Links: One-Child Policy, Education, CRTC, Fluffy Homilies

John Robson: What happens when the university sessional treadmill finally breaks?

I'm personally glad I did my history degree in spite of my lack of career in that particular field. It doesn't mean I think the state should have had to pay for it. Perhaps there should be truth-in-advertizing about such degrees: you can do it, but your chances of getting a job in that particular field are slim.

Chinese woman opposed to one-child policy given asylum in Canada — despite having no children

I'm posting that link because I recently read this heartbreaking article:

The ghost children: In the wake of China’s one-child policy, a generation is lost

We really should be doing something about this: either raising money to pay the fines, or allowing refugee status for families with "illegal" children.

Terence Corcoran: CRTC’s reforms aim for ‘viewer choice,’ but what they’ll get is viewer confusion

Dear Conservative Government: you had one job...

The Crisis of Fluffy American Homilies

It's not just an American problem! It's epidemic in the Western world. I said on my facebook feed maybe we should have a blogging campaign. Why, why, why do we not revolt against these homilies?

Recently appeared on The Catholic Breadbox:

The miracle of the Church is that it survives millions of terrible homilies every Sunday. 
--Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, (Pope Benedict XVI)

Sorry I haven't been so active. It's March break and I'm away. Will be back soon!