Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Links: No Strip Clubs in SK, Capital Punishment in OK and TX, and, of Course, Abortion

Booze ban for Saskatchewan strip clubs

Quote from Brad Wall:

“If by this decision we have inadvertently allowed for even a marginal increase in the chance for human trafficking, it’s the wrong decision,” he told reporters on Wednesday.
He added that strip clubs are linked to organized crime and he is concerned about sexual exploitation in the province.

Oklahoma bill to allow nitrogen gas in executions approved without debate

Texas acquires lethal injection drug from less regulated pharmacy

I'm glad that executions are threatened by the lack of drugs. But don't forget  that third trimester babies are killed by injection, too, which leads me to my next link:

New York House Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

So what? It's only human life. P.S. Canadian women are sent to New York on the taxpayer dime for late-term abortions.

Meanwhile, in Kansas:

Kansas House passes historic ban on Dismemberment Abortion, bill will go to Governor Brownback for his signature

I'm astounded at the relative lack of opposition to this bill. It essentially bans second trimester abortion. I`m sure there must be the usual health exceptions, but it would be prohibited on demand. Now, second trimester chemical abortions are being studied, and I expect that they will be more used in the Western World (the studies I've seen were from China), but I suspect that they need to be done in a hospital setting due to the length of the labour and the potential complications. Perhaps the hospital setting could make the cost of the operation prohibitive. A feticidal procedure could be used to speed up the process, and the same procedure is done with selective reductions in IVF, but it takes a skilled hand to kill a second trimester fetus with an injection. I don`t see this procedure coming to clinics.

But getting back to the opposition, or lack thereof: it astounds me. It`s like the opposition collapsed. Someone on my facebook stream suggested the real opposition will come through court challenges. I suspect that they just don`t want to have to defend dismemberment in public. They learned their lesson with Partial Birth Abortion.

Hundreds of thousands join massive March for Life in Lima, Peru

For comparison purposes, the population of Peru is 31 million. That is an astounding number of people, and doesn't include the other protests that took place.