Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ProLife: We Don't Need Fake Memes

This is a good article.

A lot of things get shared by well-meaning pro-lifers that turn out to be false.

The people doing the sharing are often ill-informed pro-lifers.

Some of the Margaret Sanger photoshops were done for a blog contest held some years ago, although I was never able to trace the blog. It was never meant to be something dishonest.

But people probably Googled it and took the photos for historical fact.

Some time ago, I made the argument that undercover stings can be immoral because of the lying that takes place: that lying is an intrinsically disordered act and is thus never permissible.

Some people raised the objection that it's better to perform a lesser evil to stop a greater evil.

The problem with that is that we as Christians are called not to commit evil. We may sometimes tolerate a lesser evil to prevent a greater evil, but we may never commit it.

If you want to be a credible and trustworthy movement, you have to act in a trustworthy fashion. If you lie to gain what you want, how do you expect people to trust us when we say things that are true.

I think most of the sharing was done innocently. But it behooves us to do some research on things that we do talk about.

And before the abortion supporters get all smug, your side does it, too, and if you're honest you'll admit it.