Sunday, April 26, 2015

Abortion Rights Advocate Admits to Being Pro-Abortion

Gee, that only took forty years. Way to go.

I’m pro-abortion because I think morality is about the well-being of sentient beings. I believe that morality is about the lived experience of sentient beings—beings who can feel pleasure and pain, preference and intention, who at their most complex can live in relation to other beings, love and be loved and value their own existence.
What are they capable of wanting? What are they capable of feeling? These are the questions my husband and I explored with our kids when they were figuring out their responsibility to their chickens and guinea pigs. It was a lesson that turned expensive, when the girls stopped drinking milk from cows that didn’t get to see the light of day or eat grass, but it’s not one I regret. Do unto others as they want you to do unto them. It’s called the Platinum Rule. In this moral universe, real people count more than potential people, hypothetical people or corporate people.

Fetuses are "real people". They're human beings.  She just decided that their inability to not feel disqualified them from their humanity and thus their rights. That's rather arbitrary. A human being is a human being is a human being.

I wonder how she feels about elective third trimester abortions, which involve sentient fetuses. Do all the advantages of abortion suddenly get thrown out the window in the name of protecting them? Somehow I doubt it.