Saturday, April 04, 2015

A.D. The Bible on NBC, Easter Sunday at 9pm: Looks Worthwhile

I haven't watched American network television in aeons. I suspect many of you haven't, either.

I just happened to catch an ad for this show last night on Fox News (during "Killing Jesus", which I also learned of at the last minute.)

I thought wow: this looks good. And it's a series, too.

I really think we should encourage this kind of programming by watching it. So I hope you tune in if you can. And have the kids watch, too.

It's too bad The Ten Commandments is on at the same time on ABC, but I can see why they switched the time slot from the traditional Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday. I think The Bible will be a ratings winner.

Updated: AD The Bible is only an hour long, and the Ten Commandments is several hours. Plenty of time to watch both.