Saturday, April 11, 2015

Community: A Rare Element in the Catholic Church

I agree with the broad premise of this writer that the Church doesn't provide much in the way of community, at least at the parish level. I have been a member of a number of parishes in my life, and the community factor have been weak in almost all of them.
My life is lived by email and phone call. My friends are dispersed, my family spread far and wide. My relationships are mostly virtual, kept alive by text messages and Christmas cards. Like most of us, I am connected to thousands, but honestly know only a few. Even though we never speak, the sight of the familiar strangers in church gives me a physical sense of community, of tangible belonging.

Everybody lives like you, but you want that they... not live like you?

I'm somewhat sympathetic to this guy. But the reality is that if you want community in the Catholic Church, you either have to attend the events that exist in your parish (and he doesn't seem to like the bake sales) or you make them. Waiting for the priest to create that community is unrealistic. They have enough to do. People have to step in to help the parish or otherwise find community in organizations and activism.