Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Kansas Bans Dismemberment Abortions

I casually followed this story. And I am shocked at the token opposition this bill got.

I would have expected protesters by the bus load. I would have expected a social media storm, howls of outrage.

We barely got a peep.

It's as if abortion rights people looked at each other and went: let's no got down that path. They didn't want to have to defend dismemberment in the media, at least not through elected officials.

Perhaps their strategy is to challenge it in the courts.

Or perhaps they might consider using chemical abortions to fill that gap. I've read a few abstracts about 2nd trimester chemical abortions. I don't think these could be done in clinics, considering the hours of labour it would take and the potential complications. I'm not sure how medical staff are going to react to dealing with intact fetuses, some of whom are almost surely going to be born alive.

That being said, it's a great day for the pro-life cause. I think this is one of its most significant victories. I can't imagine this won't be challenged in the courts. Are abortion rights advocates ready to defend dismemberment? I wonder...