Monday, April 13, 2015

Links: Abortion on Jumbotron, Fetal Heartbeat Bill, Conscience Rights, Oklahoma, etc

Graphic Abortion footage to be shown at university stadium on Jumbotron.

Alabama law would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat.

California Pregnancy Centers May be Forced to Promote Abortions. Another attack on conscience rights.

Oklahoma bans dismemberment abortions. Shocking how little opposition this got. I mean I know it's Oklahoma, but still.

Abortion activist says D & E Safest. Conveniently forgets it's not safe for the baby. But if a fetus has to die in the name of bodily autonomy, so what? Right feminists? Right.

NB Government urged to ponder private abortion contracts. Because abortion is 0% your business but 100% your financial responsibility.

Justin Trudeau tumbles from top pick for prime minister: poll. Good.