Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Links: Heretics, Dismemberment Abortions, Drugged Driving, Egg Freezing

Cardinal Brandmüller: Advocates for changing Catholic teaching on marriage are ‘heretics’ – even if they are bishops. My new favourite cardinal.The thing is, he was born in 1929. He didn't even vote in the last conclave because he was too old. I doubt he's papabile. He wasn't even a bishop at the time he was elevated to the cardinalate. Still, I love a straight talker.

CDC Abortion Surveillance Chief Defends Dismemberment Abortions. Oh now they're saying something, once the bill has been signed into law. It sounds like abortion advocates are trying to fight this bill in the courts of law and public opinion. I love how people who advocate for dismemberment abortions just gloss over the fact that babies are ripped apart. Like that's a footnote.

Canada still waiting for a roadside test for drug-impaired driving. It's not a simple thing. I don't like the statist mentality of this article, but I definitely want drugged drivers off the road.

Freezing eggs no guarantee of giving birth: researchers. I think we should tell women the truth: your fertility is at its peak up until age 35. That's the best time to have kids. Not to pressure anyone unduly, but if you want to have kids, your twenties is really the time to have them. Our current model of going to university well into adulthood, establishing a career and then having kids is not optimal. I think what would be optimal is to have kids first, then when you had all the kids you want, go back to school and then establish a career. This way you don't have to take time off to have children.

CNN Asks Top Democrat if It’s “OK to Kill a 7-Pound Baby” in Abortion    And if a 7-pound baby has to die in the name of female autonomy, so what? Right feminists? Right.