Saturday, April 04, 2015

Should Women Be Allowed to Self-Abort in the Third Trimester?

The Patel case raises some difficult questions.

So what happens when a woman takes abortion pills in the third trimester, and she gives birth to a live baby?

And then the baby is left to die?

Then what?

Is the woman supposed to walk scot free for having induced this abortion, with the harm it could pose to the baby, and then him to die?

Is that the plan?

This meme that Patel is being sentenced for a "miscarriage" is hysteria.

There's a reason for laws against self-abortion. It's doubly true in the third trimester. It's very dangerous. There's a probability of giving birth to a live baby whom you are not equipped to deal with, either because you just gave birth, or because  this new little person needs specialized equipment to keep him alive, and after giving birth you don't necessarily feel like rushing to the hospital, especially since your goal was to produce a dead abortus.

This is not about criminalizing miscarriage.

Do you really believe that pro-life women such as myself, who have had miscarriages, would seek to criminalize a natural miscarriage?


There's a difference between a natural miscarriage, one whose cause is usually unknown and unprovoked and that induced by pills or other means.