Monday, April 13, 2015

VIDEO: Voris says: It's Raining Gays, Alleluia!

Voris has something of a point.

There are a lot of gays in the Church, people who don't care about the teaching on sodomy.

Here's my perpetually unanswered question:

What are the names of the guilty? Who are these homosexual priests who effectively reject Church teaching on sodomy?

Who are the bishop's advisors who are gay and giving them advice?

This has always been my beef about these types of accusations: we name groups, not individuals. We know the phenomenon, but nobody ever seems to be able to name a guilty party and provide the evidence.

We've all see the effeminate men in the Church. Every one of us. Are all the effeminate in the Church  sodomites? Charity forces me to say "no". I can't judge like that. But, your sense of realism compels you to suspect that at least a few of them are rejecting Church teaching, and some are acting out on their inclinations.

It bugs me that names are not out in the open, because if names aren't in the open, none of this we'll ever get solved. We're always going to ignore the elephant in the room precisely because we can't judge. We can't just ASSUME that everybody is guilty. But we know that some are.

The question is: who? If we don't name who, we're doing everybody a disservice.

H/T: Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh.