Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Synod Journal: The return of tired Catholic Lite euphemisms.

Dear clergy: the purpose of being Catholic is to conform oneself to Divine Revelation. It is Divine Revelation that remarriage after divorce is adultery and therefore a mortal sin. You cannot receive Communion in a state of Mortal sin. That's another revelation. The lived experience of the faithful does not change this. Your job is to defend those principles.

Liberal Christian gets it:

As much as I love hating the Duggars, love saying, in my heart of hearts, "Look how much better I am, look how much better my brand of Christianity is…" I too am a bigot. And a hypocrite.

When I judge the Duggars and the many Christians who believe and practice in ways that resemble theirs because I think they are unenlightened, unintelligent, or narrow-minded, I am a bigot.

Just exactly that.

Do I honestly believe that God speaks in only one voice, that I and people like me are the only ones who got religion right?

Even if the Duggars and people like them may believe exactly that — and look down on me for not getting it — in what way am I any different when I treat them with the same contempt?

Moreover, I call myself a liberal Christian, speaking out for the virtues of compassion and grace over the primacy of judgment.

How am I anything but a hypocrite myself when I fail to extend compassion and grace to the Duggars — and even to Josh? When I fail to see them as beloved children of God? When instead, all I do is judge them?

When I don't live up to my own values, I am guilty of everything of which I accuse them.

Bigotry. Hypocrisy. And more.

I don't mind he thinks his religion is right. But I do appreciate that he understands that by making all kinds of unkind assumptions about them, and enjoying the schadenfreude, he is judging them. And I appreciate the fact he confesses it publicly.

Jonathon Van Maren:

That’s the thing about the new gender ideologies: They are inherently impervious to follow-up questions. If someone says that they are now a woman, regardless of the fact that they have a penis, or declare that they are a man regardless of the fact that they have a vagina, there’s really no follow-up confirmation anyone can do to see if this is, in fact, the case. After all, it is the Supremacy of the Feelings that count here—not reality. Everyone else is now expected to fall in line and pretend that the Emperor does, in fact, have clothes on—even though he doesn’t, and everyone can see that he’s a dude.
The secularists of our society have officially ceased pretending that they believe in science. Instead, they have gone mad in their pursuit to ensure everyone can live in a reality of their own construction.

West Quebec paper claims clampdown by language police If your newspaper is bilingual, your ads have to be French only or bilingual with French pre-dominant.

Gov’t debt differs from mortgages  This really should go viral. Economics 101.

Activists Celebrate “International Day to Promote Abortion” Day Today.  Maybe we should counter by calling it "Graphic Abortion Image Day."

Donating My Eggs Almost Ruined My Life. One woman's story. There's no word about how common this is.