Monday, June 22, 2015

A Call to Disunity in the ProLife Movement

But as free human beings with independent wills, they choose a hundred different ways to further this goal. Some of them might sound goofy to us, or even repellant. But as long as they stay within our nation’s legitimate laws, we should welcome them, and accept that diversity is our strength. Working differently, even separately, is not the same as working at cross-purposes. We need unity in charity, in gratitude, and in mutual respect — but the false idea that we need unity in strategy, tactics and institutions leads to most of the ill-will and infighting in pro-life circles.


I rarely engage in pro-life infighting.

Because we need all kinds of people in the pro-life movement and contradictory strategies.

We need people calling for incremental laws, and people calling for abolition. We need people making religious-based arguments, and those making purely secular arguments. We need prayer, we need lobbying, we need care for pregnant women, etc.

We need it all.
People who believe in fetal rights are not the enemy. They are allies. Sometimes they are allies that promote things we believe to be immoral, and thereby annoy the hell out of us. But they are still allies. If we wait for people to agree with us on every individual point before they can act in the name of fetal rights, nobody will ever join.

Stay focused on the goal: fetal rights and protection of the unborn. The rest is details.