Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Abortion Activists: A Canister Full of Blood is Not a Picture of an Aborted Fetus

I tweeted recently that abortion advocates who accuse pro-life of promoting fake abortion images never produce their own pictures of an aborted fetus.

Fern Hill, trying to be clever, tweeted this picture in response to my statement (which I viewed on Run with Life.)

She used a photo from thisismy abortion.com 

I have seen this picture before. Abortion advocates present this picture and jubilantly think this is their trump card: Aha! See! We're not afraid to show what an abortion looks like!

The problem is that there's no aborted fetus to be seen.

What you are looking as is "products of conception" in a canister.

In the mind of the abortion advocate, an abortion eliminates "products of conception." To them, the fetus is just a "product of conception" like other products of conception.

But "products of conception" aren't just fetuses. There are other tissue related to pregnancy. The ThisIsMyAbortion website says the abortion is at 6 weeks. At 6 weeks, the amount of non-embryonic tissue from an abortion is greater in volume  than the embryo.  What's left of the embryo is immersed and hidden in a soup of blood and tissue.

Nobody cares about that soup of tissue. What is at stake is what happens to a fetus or embryo during an abortion.

It's also very difficult to identify the embryonic remains resulting  from an electric vacuum abortion like the one in thisismyabortion.com The suction is strong enough to rip apart the embryo's soft tissue.

However, manual vacuum abortions (MVA's) and medical abortions are becoming far more popular. And they allow for the embryo's body to remain intact.

Advocates could easily search the internet for these images. They don't do that, do they?

Neither has any one of the thousands of abortion advocates, many or most of whom have had terminated pregnancies have thought to ask the staff to strain their "products of conception" and photograph the remains with a smartphone.

(Who would look at the products of conception after an abortion? In one exploratory study conducted by abortion researcher Ellen Wiebe, 29% of women who were offered viewing of their products of conception, accepted. So yeah, people do that.)

Abortion advocates have all the abortion connections and all the information at their disposal to make known what an actual aborted fetus looks like. 

But they can't bring themselves to do it.