Thursday, June 11, 2015

VIDEO: Men Wearing flip flops to work is "the equivalent of flashing your genitalia in people's faces"-- Gavin McInnes

Full disclosure: I'm a pretty frumpy gal. I commit what I think are fashion violations. Lots of them. Like I'm 41 and I still wear those little backpack purses. And I wear sweats. And it goes on and on. But then I'm a stay-at-home mom and I have no one to impress, so there. I don't have the energy to invest in my appearance. If I had somewhere to go everyday, I'd put somewhat more effort into it.

I think the comparison between toes and genitalia is a bit over the top. But I do agree with the general idea of this video: and that's to dress your age and for the function. I've never seen anyone wear flip flops to work at an office.

But that's just adolescent.

I find that so many people don't want to leave their adolescence. They don't want to grow up in so many ways. In their fashion. Their speech. Their leisure.

There's something really immature about the total unwillingness to act one's age. Forty-year-old men should not be playing video games three hours a day. Forty-year-old women should not be using uptalk. I'm not the swear police, but I think that after you graduate college, you shouldn't be dropping the f-bomb on any regular basis.

I'm not for being stuffy. I hate that. But unwillingness to adapt one's persona to one's age and function, creates a sense of mediocrity. The forty-year-old guy doesn't go beyond the uselessness of video games (and I have nothing against video games, I'm talking about people who make it a major activity in their life) to accomplishing something or doing something that's actually valuable, like gardening or playing with the kids. Wanting to be like you were when you were fifteen suggests that you've wasted your life, you haven't discovered what's actually valuable in life, or what is true, good or beautiful. There are better ways to spend one's life than devoting oneself to video games or tracking celebrities.

This is what flip flops on your feet suggests. You haven't aged and progressed in wisdom. But when the culture doesn't demand more, then people won't feel the need to age and progress in wisdom. They don't feel the need to hold themselves to a higher standard.