Friday, July 24, 2015

Today's Links: Mark Steyn on Planned Parenthood, Ezra, Pot, Gay Pride, Abortion, Euthanasia, No2Trudeau

Mark Steyn commetns on the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Scandal.

The Rebel Media is raising $25 000 for Life Issues Journalism. So far they have only raised $1856 as of posting. You really need to contribute? Do you want more pro-life journalism or no? If yes, then you have to fund it!

And another good cause: Ezra Levant will be prosecuted by the Alberta Law Society for calling the Human Rights Commission "crazy". Please contribute to his legal defense.

This was me two decades ago when I was in the NDP:
I support social justice. We need to combat racism, sexism, poverty, and all other social injustices. I do not bring up these organizations to disparage the good work they are doing. Rather, I am showing that in the case of abortion, the social justice movement abandons its core values and instead participates in the oppression of the unborn. The key idea of the social justice movement is equality and justice for all, which is why I find it puzzling that the movement denies equal rights for the unborn.

The unborn are the youngest members of the human family. They are weak, voiceless, and completely defenseless. It is clear that the unborn are vulnerable, and one value of social justice is protecting the vulnerable from abuse from the powerful. Yet, the social justice movement is not protecting the unborn; rather its leaders are advocating for the “choice,” to kill them.
(And in case that wasn't clear: no, I didn't write that.)

I thought his op-ed on euthanasia from a medical doctor was actually kind of scary:

For an example of this, consider the views expressed by Pope Benedict XVI on physician assisted dying. According to this pope, “the deliberate decision to deprive an innocent human being of his life is always morally evil and can never be licit.”
From the viewpoint of public policy, this claim should have no standing, not because it comes from a pope, but because there is no clear evidence to support it nor in any obvious way to disprove it. It is grounded in religious beliefs of a supernatural kind, such as the existence of God or the soul, the idea of divine guidance, or the veracity of revealed texts.
The view that people should kill others is the bedrock of civilization. And he doesn't understand that. And he's a doctor. He makes me think of an abortionist. And that's scary. How about you don't kill people because human beings are intrinsically valuable? But that's what happens when a society slides into atheism. When you stop beliving in God, you stop believing in man.

This is the intriguing story of the Servant of God Carlo Acutis, a very devout Brazilian teen who died in 2006 of leukemia. There is cause for his beatification. He was something of a computer geek and built websites. He would be an obvious choice as patron saint of programmers should he ever be canonized.

A (mostly) pro-life atheist and post-abortive dad shares his powerful story about his involvement in multiple abortions, some he wanted and some he didn't. Very moving.

Conservative support among voters jumps as child care cheques land on doorsteps poll finds. I would love to survey Conservative Party members and see if the majority support this statist measure.

Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox: We No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business. Good news. Fewer corporations want to be associated with Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Pot Death: Teen Leaps 4 Stories After Eating Marijuana Cookie. Legalize marijuana. What could go wrong? Reefer madness, I'm sure.

Slightly related: Horse may have been fed marijuana before Surrey wedding accident. How much pot do you need to feed a horse before it starts affecting him? Just wondering.

Swedish nationalists plan a gay pride march through a Muslim area, hoping for trouble. Swedish gays will show they have, um, balls.

Jonathon Van Maren, Thoughts on the reactions to the No2Trudeau Campaign:

Amanda Marcotte goes on to say that while abortion imagery and exposes are very potent, that the impact of them is not long-lasting. Why? Because, she writes with hilarious immaturity, most things in life are gross—sex, going to the bathroom, surgery—and we all get over those things, don’t we? So surely abortion pictures will also be forgotten.
She’s forgetting something—abortion pictures aren’t powerful because they’re “gross.” Abortion pictures are powerful because they show the results of abortion—a dead, butchered human being. The power in the imagery is that people recognize that, and something in them responds to this injustice. It’s why even the people angry with our postcards have responded to the media by talking about the postcards depicting the “dead babies” or the “slain babies” or the “torn-up babies.” No-one thinks that what they’re looking at is a removed appendix. No one thinks that what they’re looking at is bodily waste. Everyone knows, almost immediately, that what they’re looking at is a dead human.

I'm ambivalent about the tactic of sticking graphic postcards in mailboxes, but he has a point here.