Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reflection on the Election

A number of Conservatives have expressed their misgivings about the Conservative campaign. The tone seems to be: if we lost, it’s our fault.

I won’t deny that the Conservative Party has part of its responsibility in its election loss.

But I would like to underline another important reason why we lost:

The conservative base isn’t big enough. 

There are two major left-wing parties in this country. And one right-wing. If our base were sufficiently large, we should have won. But we didn’t. And the voter turnout only had to increase by 10% for that to happen.

I hate how the Conservative party spends its time trying to convince a large number of non-conservatives to vote for it. In order to attract votes, it has to dilute its message and put off doing what conservatives really want to do: combat union influence, reduce the size of government, reduce government regulation, cut subsidies to business, etc.

Even when Conservatives get into power, all they can do is nibble at the edges of liberal institutions. Conservatives are forced to pay lip service to notions like gender-based analysis and funding the CBC because if they said what they really thought, there would be an outcry.

I often feel like conservatives act like Canadians are really conservative deep down, they just have to tap into conservatism.

So here’s the wake-up call conservatives: it’s not true. Canadians are mostly liberal. And that’s why you have trouble advancing your agenda.

I’ve often talked about the need for a conservative culture—conservative media, movies, television, etc. And that’s all well and good.

But we might even need something more basic than that. We need to educate—evangelize if you will— on basic economic principles, freedom, and human nature.

We need the conservative version of Catholic Answers, complete with tracts on every conceivable topic and objection. Then we need to post these tracts to every facebook discussion group and hand them out to every high and university student in the country.

When you have powerful institutions like education, academia, unions, and media pushing for liberal values, you have to counter the propaganda. People think kids eventually grow out of their socialist views when they get mortgages, but clearly, the vote results show not all of them do. If we want to win elections, we can’t just assume common sense will prevail. We have to educate people (in between elections) why conservative values are better.