Monday, November 02, 2015

Conservatives Must Learn to Engage on Social Media

I couldn't agree more with Brian Lilley:

Only 15% of Conservative supporters said they were writing about politics on social media during the campaign compared to 18% of NDP backers and 19% of Liberals.
Liberals and New Democrats were also more likely to comment on political postings on social media.
But the really big imbalance comes in on sharing stories.
During the campaign, 34% of NDP supporters said they shared political content on social media. 32% of Liberals did the same, but just 24% of Conservatives.

 For the past several years I have heard anecdotally from people that lean conservative that they just don’t engage in political discussions online because it is too much hassle. The hatred and vitriol that comes their way when they do post is so intense and off-putting that they stop. 
I get that. For all their talk of hating "divisiveness" and wanting to be "inclusive," you’ve never seen anything quite as divisive as a progressive dealing with facts that upset their worldview.

 Here's the thing.

Victory goes to the group that wants it more. If you're not willing to suffer the vitriol, your team won't get in.

And this shouldn't just be an election thing. It has to be done on a constant basis.

If you want people to believe that abortion is wrong, that big government is wrong, that individual liberty is the way to go, then you have to post about that belief on a regulat basis.
I realize that it hurts to be called names. I will give you the Christian answer to that (but non-Christians can apply the same basic idea, too).

I both accept my intrinsic worthiness before God and I try to exercise humility. What people think or say to me doesn't change my value. Their opinion is ultimately unimportant.

But even if they do say nasty things about me, at least some of which is bound to be true, then I have to wear it in humility. Jesus Christ was insulted and cursed and he was a perfect human being. I'm bound to be insulted at least as much as he was, considering I am nothing compared to Christ. So why should I revolt? Why should I defend myself at every turn? Pride gets in the way. It gets in the way of holiness.

And it gets in the way of pushing conservative ideas.

Don't get me wrong. There are some lies about oneself that must be combatted for the sake of the greater good. But very few of them. Fighting over what people say about you wastes precious energy that can be devoted to pushing conservative ideas. Your behaviour online will be confirm or refute what people say. If people say you're a bitch and you don't act like a bitch, people will know it's all just empty vitriol.

And another tip: one way to focalize your energy, is to just focus on one topic. You can maintain an interest in others, but pick one topic that is really close to your heart, and then spend your social media time devoted to it. There are so many topics to argue that you can't be expected to have bulging files of links, quotes, memes and books. So just fight on one topic or one premies, and then do a really good job at it. So then if someone challenges you on it, you're ready to spread the actual facts on the topic.