Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Kevin O'Leary is Wrong for the Conservative Party

The problem is his presentation of markets and entrepreneurialism more ‎resembles a left-wing caricature of what constitutes conservatism than it represents the proper balance between freedom and tradition and liberty and order. His assertions like “greed is good,” “money is my military,” and “you have to be willing to sacrifice everything to be successful, including your personal life, your family life, maybe more” reflect a one-dimensional understanding of what motivates people and what sustains strong and dynamic communities.

Why are we even taking this candidacy seriously? Is there are dearth of eligible Conservatives? Are we that hard up?

And by the way.... Putative Conservative leadership contender O'Leary a big donor to U.S. Democrats.

Conservatives must act with more professionalism and not treat the party leadership race like a reality tv. series.