Monday, February 08, 2016

VIDEO: The Obligatory Doritos Commercial Post

I feel like every other pro-life outlet has said everything there is to say about NARAL's outrage at the "humanization of fetuses":

What makes this reaction so over the top is that this commercial isn't that pro-life to begin with.

The baby is practically full-term. I know, you usually get an ultrasound at 20 weeks, but there could be any number of reasons why a baby that late is having an ultrasound-- my third daughter had an ultrasound at 31 weeks.

The fetus at this stage doesn't need any "humanization". Sure, there's a bit of anthropomorphization, if you will, because babies don't actually grasp for Doritos, but that's not unusual in commercials featuring babies. (Remember Evian?)

And this is why it's not that pro-life.  You don't need any kind of strong ideological stance against abortion to see the baby for who he is.

It's precisely because NARAL is so ferociously against fetal rights that they reacted to this commercial, and that's what makes their reaction so insane. There is no humanization of the fetus because the fetus is already human in the minds of the vast majority of the audience.

And even if the audience didn't think of a third trimester fetus as a human being, it's a damned commercial. Kids, animals, objects are humanized all the times for various reasons that have nothing to do with abortion.

People say that some pro-lifers have fetal tunnel vision. These folks have abortion tunnel vision.

And they are completely lacking in self-awareness.