Friday, January 05, 2007

Oklahoma Rep. files anti-abortion trigger law

Oklahoma City, OK ( -- An Oklahoma state representative has filed legislation that would make abortions illegal in the state should the Supreme Court ever overturn Roe. The measure, known as a trigger law, would go into effect immediately should the high court reverse its 1973 decision that essentially allowed unlimited abortions.


Dorinda Bordlee, a long-time pro-life attorney in Louisiana and vice president of the Bioethics Defense Fund, told other states should follow Louisiana's lead.

"Our approach to include a post-Roe activation clause, sometimes called a trigger clause, enabled the legislators to speak their hearts without abortion industry lawyer's breathing down their backs," Bordlee explained.

"It allowed post-abortive women to educate the legislators about how abortion negatively impacted their lives in profound ways," Bordlee added. "Other states that choose to follow Louisiana's lead will help build a consensus to reverse Roe."

A nationwide survey of state laws by the Life Legal Defense Fund finds that just seven states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Wisconsin would ban all or most abortions if Roe is reversed.


The days of the Roe v. Wade decision are numbered. It may take five years, it may take a hundred, but that decision will be overturned.

When that golden day comes, many lives of unborn children will be saved.

While Americans are fighting abortion, I think they're not planning beyond that event. I salute American pro-lifers for their tenacity and their shrewdness in the legal fight.

But I fear that if the unborn child is not recognized as a citizen of the United States, all these laws will be tenuous.

What needs to happen is for the unborn child to be acknowledge as having the same rights as everyone else.

There really needs to be a fetal rights movement, not just a pro-life movement. Otherwise a new administration will come in, legalize abortion again, and pro-lifers will have to start over.