Thursday, February 08, 2007

911 Call: baby born alive, clinic wanted him dead

Many people have a hard time believing that abortion really is about killing. They want to live in a fairytale world where it really is all about pulling out blobs of tissue, that nothing every really gets slaughtered.

You can find here a transcript of a 911 call relating to the death of baby Rowan in 2005. The mother, Angele, went in for an abortion, but the baby survived the abortion. The mother gave birth in the toilet, but the staff at the abortion clinic counselled her to let the baby die. He was at 23-weeks.

This is Angele's friend who made the 911 call:

Friend: Uh, she just called me. It wasn't 10 minutes ago. And said that the baby was born and it was alive and they were wanting her to leave it in the toilet. And uh ... just let it die. And uh ... she's not wanting that to happen.

They clinic wouldn't let her call 911. She didn't want the baby to die.

So much for choice.

Do you notice how this was not a case of a mom having an abortion because she has a health issue or because the baby has a defect?

So yes, late-term abortions for social reasons do happen.