Monday, February 19, 2007

Baby born at 22 weeks- but in the womb, no rights

Her minuscule feet poking pathetically through a doctor's fingers, few believed that she could possibly live.

Born only 21 weeks and six days after conception, Amillia Taylor weighed just under 10oz and was only 91/2 inches long.

Medical staff, however, were given a clue to her fighting spirit when the tiny scrap tried to cry and breathe on her own.

And now, four months later and weighing 4lb, she has been allowed home – the world's most premature baby to have survived.


I don't know how anyone can look at a baby like this, and say that because babies like these live in a womb, they have no right to live.

Mothers have a moral obligation to love their unborn children. The notion that a woman has a "right to her body" to the point that she can have her baby dismembered is complete crap.

People have rights insofar as others are not harmed, and insofar as one does not seek to harm another.

In Canada, unborn babies have no rights. Babies this old and older are aborted in this country. And it's not all because the mother is on the verge of death. Sometimes the mother finds out the baby has a medical condition, such as Down Syndrome. With recent reports of the discovery of a gene that leads to autism, I can only expect more such abortions will be performed.

Some women do not discover that they are pregnant until late in the pregnancy. Some are in denial. Some just change their minds.

In Canada, all of this is fair game. In Europe, almost every country has restrictive laws that prevent many late-term abortions.

What gets me is that the majority of Canadians oppose these abortions, but most of them don't say anything about this. I can understand how those who support 1st trimester abortions would not speak out (duh!). But hundreds of late-term abortions are carried out every year in Canada. How is that acceptable? How is it okay for Canadians to condemn Americans for capital punishment, when babies like Amillia are condemned on a weekly-- if not daily-- basis in Canada?

I hope opponents of late-term abortion wrestle with their conscience.

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