Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Editor of Black/Gay mag renounces homosexuality

As the publisher of a 13 year old periodical which targets Black gays and lesbians, I have had the opportunity to publicly address thousands, influencing closeted people to ‘come out’ and stand up for them selves, which is particularly difficult in the African-American community.

But now, I must come out of the closet again. I have recently experienced the power of change that came over me once I completely surrendered to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a believer of the word of God, I fully accept and have always known that same-sex relationships are not what God intended for us.

I don’t expect that this message will be widely received, quite the contrary. But, I do know that there is someone, possibly reading this very article, who is tired and unhappy living this way. Someone, in your heart of hearts, is searching for a way out, but you just can’t seem to break free on your own. I am speaking to my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who want real peace; the kind you’ve heard about, sung about, read about. It is simpler than you think to acquire it and there is no condemnation once you’ve entered it.


It’s possible to have a BETTER time than you did in the clubs, in the parks, BETTER than all those secret encounters with folks whose names you’ve long forgotten, BETTER than your long-term relationship, BETTER than all your priceless possessions, BETTER than money! Most of us have experienced some of this AND WE WERE STILL MISERABLE. But thanks to God’s mercy and saving grace we don’t have to wait years and years to get to heaven to experience paradise. The earth is the Lord’s, the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein. Enjoy God’s earth, now. [Psalms 24:1]


It's great that this lady, Charlene E. Cothran, editor of Venus magazine, has given herself to the Lord.

I hope that this is not a passing enthusiasm. Too many gays (and others too, mind you) have given themselves to God, only to go back on him. The first flush of conversion sometimes gives way to the realities of slugging it out being a Christian in the day-to-day world. Should a new Christian be ministering like that? St. Paul withdrew from public life for a time after his conversion. Let's pray the Spirit gives her the gift of fortitude, that ability to stand up for one's faith in the face of all opposition.

I'm concerned because people who abandon homosexual behaviour only to go back to it give the faithful bad PR. The liberal press often does not scrutinize their story. We don't know how much these "ex-ex-gays" prayed; we don't know their theology; we don't know anything of their personal life. And so there's no way to "cross-examine" them on their decision to leave the faith. For all we know, they have been extremely orthodox and observant, but inside their hearts, they still harboured many unseen sins and nurtured evil inclinations that may have had nothing to do with homosexual behaviour, but sparked a rejection of Christ that eventually led to the return to homosexual behaviour. Or they may have had unresolved psychological issues that they led them to reject the faith.

Only time will tell if the seed in her will germinate and produce fruit. Lord, I hope so. She seems to have a good deal of talent and resources at her disposal. Bless her and her webzine, Lord. Guide her in her new life and venture.

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