Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why am I an anti-feminist female?

A Feminist's Nightmare wrote a passionate cri du coeur that just really resonated with me. Now keep in mind, I can't say that I'm a Men's Rights Activist supporter, but she says so many things that I think, and I just wish the wider society (and particularly elites!) would get:

It is time to destroy feminism. Feminism never wanted equality, they wanted and still want power. I do not give a shit about that power, i want to be free to do whatever i want with my life, i do not want a group of feminists dictate me what i should or should not do as a woman! I want freedom. I want an egalitarian society, not a farce where all our values and everything else is going downhill, or should I say down the steep mountain.

Decadent Society: Un cauchemar social: So, why am I an anti-feminist female?

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