Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So-Con Victory: Telus quits peddling porn!

Telus is no longer providing a service allowing customers to download pornographic images onto their cellphones.

After receiving hundreds of customer complaints, the Vancouver-based telecommunications company decided to suspend the adult content service, said Telus spokesperson Jim Johannsson.


Congratulations to Archbishop Roussin of Vancouver for raising this issue. A big thumbs up for you!

Congratulations to all of you who complained.

So-cons: I know some of you have been discouraged by the culture war in Canada as of late. But when you complain, when you raise your voices, you can have an impact. If every pro-lifer in Canada complained loud and hard about the abortion situation, it could only make a positive impact for fetal rights in Canada. Think about it.

UPDATE: So-cons are strongly encouraged to say "Thank You" to Telus by contacting them. Follow the "contact us" link on this website.

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