Saturday, March 10, 2007

MO: Law Would Charge For Murder Of Unborn Baby

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Murder is one of the leading causes of death for pregnant women, and there is a new push to make the murder of an unborn child a punishable crime in Kansas, KMBC's Jim Flink reported Friday.

Terri and Darren Brooks said their 14-year-old daughter, Chelsea, was about to give birth to a baby girl last year when she was murdered by hitmen. The Brookses said the murderer was hired by the child's father to avoid prosecution for statutory rape.

Under Kansas law, he was charged with only Chelsea's murder and not the murder of the unborn child, who the Brookses called Alexa.

"The reason she was killed was because of the child she was carrying, and that child doesn't count in the eyes of the law, and Alexa should count," Terri Brooks said.


I note that feminists who oppose such laws do not acknowledge that the unborn child is an equal member of the family. Really, that should be the basis for the passage of such a bill.

I really think that pro-lifers in Canada should demand an end to the discrimination of their own unborn children, and require that the law acknowledge that losing an unborn child is the equivalent of losing any other family member.

We should stop talking about this as an abortion debate, but as a fetal rights debate-- as a family rights debate.

In a way, killing an unborn child is taking away "reproductive choice" from the mother. Shouldn't that be a crime in itself, in the eyes of feminists?

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