Sunday, April 29, 2007

Abortion proponents: again ignoring the fetus

There are two things abortion proponents never want to talk about.

One is the fetus.

Two is the act of abortion. If they do, it's always in euphemistic language.

Just take this op-ed from Kay Scott of Planned Parenthood.

introduces language that personhood begins at fertilization and ends at natural death, in essence rewriting the medical definition of when a pregnancy occurs and using Georgia Right to Life language to do so. This level of intrusion into personal private matters would make real conservatives turn away in shame.

Notice she makes this about re-defining pregnancy. Never mind that Planned Parenthood in the 1950's had the equivalent definition of pregnancy that pro-lifers hold today.

I can also have a painfully honest discussion about how women make the decision to have an abortion, often at the sacrifice of other values that they hold dear and cherish.

Ah yes, the "there are hypocrites in your movement, so that makes you wrong" argument.

Go ahead, be hypocrites yourselves. Violate women's privacy.

What about the painful discussion of women who've been hurt by abortion?

What about the act of abortion itself? Notably absent from the discussion.

You know, when the abolitionists were freeing the slaves, the white supremacists wondered how to keep the South's economy going i.e. feed the people. Interesting how they divert the issue of the fetus and his rights.

They never want to talk about that issue. In reality, that's the crux of the issue. If there were no argument over the value of the unborn child, there would be no abortion debate. No one argues that women should in general have privacy, or be trusted with their medical decisions or control their bodies.

The argument is: they should not have those things at the cost of human life.

Abortion proponents continue to be obtuse about the crux of the issue, trying to make it about women, but the more people examine it, the more they realize that it's not really the issue-- because there is no argument with women on most other fronts-- just on this one because it involves another human life.

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