Monday, April 30, 2007

Accuracy in media blasts crowning of Giuliani

I thought this article was interesting. FoxNews appears to be trying to crown Giuliani as the obvious Republican as the GOP nominee, but FoxNews is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has heavily supported Giuliani in the past.

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corporation, the Fox News parent company, has close ties to Giuliani. Murdoch's New York Post supported Giuliani's candidacy for mayor of New York and Giuliani worked tirelessly to get carriage on the Time Warner cable system for Fox News. The New York Daily News obtained a 140-page campaign plan outlining Giuliani's 2008 strategy for becoming president and it named Murdoch as one of his likely supporters. Donna Hanover Giuliani, one of Giuliani's two ex-wives, worked for a television station owned by Murdoch.

Apparently FoxNews has become a branch of the Republican Party now...

"Fox to Help Pick GOP Debate Participants" was the astonishing headline over an Associated Press article appearing on the Fox News website about the South Carolina debate. It began: "State Party chairman Katon Dawson and a spokesman for the news channel said Thursday that they had agreed on a criteria, including polling numbers, for choosing which of the 10 GOP candidates will take part in the May 15 debate." It quoted Marty Ryan, executive producer of political programming for Fox News Channel, as saying that the polling criteria would ensure that "serious candidates were taking part in our debate." But why should a news organization be in the position of deciding who is serious? Shouldn't the voters make that decision after getting a full and fair opportunity to hear their views?

Bad bad news...

Conservatives should be asking why this private news channel, whose parent company is staffed primarily by executives committed to Hillary Clinton, should have any role in picking the "serious" Republican candidates.


Indeed, if the more conservative candidates are excluded from this debate, the odds increase that Giuliani, an advocate of abortion on demand and same-sex unions, will emerge from the debate and perhaps this southern state convention as the inevitable GOP presidential candidate. It may be impossible to stop him at that point.

There is still time to act, American Readers. I suggest you contact the Republican Party.

If pro-lifers vote for any of the frontrunners, they are selling their votes cheap. Don't settle for second best. You've come too far to settle. Keep pushing.

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