Friday, April 27, 2007

A BCer in Toronto: Release music that doesn’t suck

A BCer in Toronto:: "There’s a lot of spin and selective information in the recording industry line here. Sure, in store CD sales are down. But (legal) online single-song sales are dramatically up. The spin doctors ignore that fact. People are buying online now, but rather than buying an entire album of songs they’re only buying the songs they like.

Thanks to the online model no longer are people forced to buy an album of crap to get the few songs they want. That’s why album sales are down. If the recording industry wants to sell more of each album the answer is simple, stop filling albums with a lot of crap."

Words of wisdom.

This is also the reason why I hardly listen to the radio any more, even Christian radio. I'm thrilled to hear that one good song I'd never heard before, but it takes hours of listening to get there. Sometimes I will listen to the informational programming, but not so much for the music.