Friday, April 27, 2007

Poor-choicers condemn themselves when they smear

Unrepentant Old Hippie tries to smear the whole pro-life movement because of the actions of a few. She writes:

Typically, anti-choicers have been quick to weasel away from their lunatic fringe, "denouncing" the act of violence. In reality, they all bear at least some of the responsibility for these incidents with their continued use of gory photography and outrageous hyperbole like "Partial-Birth Infanticide" and "Abortion is terrorism". Such tactics can only serve to get their whackjob element all fired up, and they know it.

Yeah, like leftists have NEVER used strong language to denounce anything they disagree with, and have never, ever used violence.

Like Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, and communists worldwide never ,ever hurt anyone.

"But", the poor-choicer might object "we don't believe in violence".

Funny how it's okay for them to smear the pro-life movement, which is overwhelmingly peaceful and believes in the democratic process-- but if they apply the same standards to themselves, that's not okay.

Heck, they use gory pictures about war to make their point. They use aggressive language. But somehow that's okay.

And when they want to "weasel" out of being associated with pro-abortion people who do use violence, that's okay.

Just take a look at Feministing. "No one who is pro-choice is pro-forced abortion".

Except that the acceptability of abortion, combined with a socialist culture, leads to forced abortion.

No one who is truly pro-life believes in abortion clinic violence. We denounce it, we shun it, we reject it. This was the work of a lone person, not the work of the pro-life movement.

What this really Old Unrepentant Hippie is trying to do is score rhetorical points. This has nothing to do with the vast majority of pro-lifers who peacefully denounce abortion (albeit with strong language, just like leftists denounce with strong language) and who want to change the culture through education and obtain political change democratically.

When poor-choicers don't want to make nuances about pro-lifers, they set themselves up for condemnation.

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