Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CA bill would issue birth certificates for stillborns

"We are absolutely sympathetic" with the families, said Planned Parenthood Vice President Yali Bair. "However, any time we deal with any legislation, we have to think big and think about unintended consequences."

At issue is how stillbirth is defined.

"It is important that elective terminations are not included in that definition," Bair said.

Anything but acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child.

The pro-choice movement is anti-fetus at all levels. It's not based on the belief that women should be autonomous-- there are plenty of poor-choicers who will co-erce women into abortions. Its central belief is that a fetus is not worthy.

A pending bill in New York, for example, uses the words "naturally occurring intrauterine death" so it does not apply to abortion.

The stupidity of it all. Whether you get a birth certificate depends on how you die?

It's these kinds of contradictions that make me confidant that the pro-choice movement will collapse. It's based on a pack of lies.


H/t dispel the illusion.

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