Thursday, May 17, 2007

Deaf and mute victim sexually assaulted by dad

Translation of this article

Repeatedly raped while being filmed and tied up, forced abortion, submission and intimidation-- the testimony of a witness of a victim of incest was heard yesterday at the courthouse in Granby (Quebec). A sordid story.

The trial was carried out with the help of an interpreter because both the victim and the accused are deaf and mute.

"It happened so often that it became a habit," declared the victim, now aged 28. "I was scared of him, but he didn't want to stop."

The accused, from Shefford (Quebec), pleaded guilty to incest yesterday, but he contests the frequency of the crimes.

According to the lawyer, Daniel Giard, there was only one sexual assault. But the Crown, represented by Karyne Goulet, says that the acts happened two or three times a month for a period of seven years.

The evidence put forward shows that the assaults began when the complainant was eighteen years old. Through her grandmother, she was introduced to her father.

The man came to be more and more part of her life. First, he moved in with her in Granby then in St-Paul-d'Abbotsford, saying alledging he was too poor. As the rents are high in St. Paul, the dad and girl shared a room.

The man started fondling the woman, and then one night he raped her. Her protestations did nothing.

"I told him to leave, but he didn't. I didn't find this normal. It was violent. I cried without saying anything."

To escape him, she moved to Waterloo (Quebec). The man moved in with her again, and the rapes began.

Using a video camera he got as a gift, he filmed the assaults and even tied her up.

Refusing to use all forms of contraception, he got her pregnant. She got an abortion. Even after this episode, the assaults continued.

"I wanted him to leave. He said he would, but he never did. He was watching me the whole time, controlling me. I couldn't talk to anyone. I was submissive. I kept everything inside."

It was only in 2005 that she moved away and pressed charges. The man was arrested and told not to enter into communication with the girl, but he continued harrassing the girl.

"I always got the impression that he was looking for me everywhere, that he wanted to know where I lived. But I don't want to know anything from him."

The Defense Counsel, sheds doubt on the credibility of the victim with respect to the frequency of the acts. He stated that after the daughter pressed charges, she called her father to give her a ride to a restaurant.

The lawyers will present arguments about the evidence on August 7th before Judge Fran├žois Marchand. The accused is out free [!!!] until his trial resumes. He risks five years in prison. [FIVE LOUSY YEARS FOR THAT!!!].


I am disgusted that that level of violence and brutality is basically given a slap on the wrist. He should be given at least twenty for that degree of intimidation.

Now I know that some people might say she contibuted to her own victimization by setting up so often with him. That could be true, but I suspect given her deafness and muteness, I'm sure that finding other people to help her wasn't that easy. I get the feeling this woman is very isolated and probably found it tough to speak up. I mean the whole affair is so disgusting, I can see some women just wanting to find a way to just forget about the whole thing and move on.

I wonder how the abortion was forced on her. I'd really like to hear that story.

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