Sunday, May 27, 2007

Insensitivity towards pregnancy loss

In response to some articles on pregnancy loss and stillbirth, I've seen a number of left-wingers, such as this blogger, make disparaging remarks about comemorating miscarriage and acknowledging the value of the unborn child.

I fully expect proponents of legalized abortion to make disparaging remarks about pro-lifers and the culture-of-life ideology. That's just part and parcel of the culture war. But I would have expected more sensitivity towards the issue of pregnancy loss and stillbirth, and towards the women who experience it, especially given that many activists in that field happen to support legalized abortion as well.

McLelland writes:

And how long after that until they start lobbying to be able to take their fetus home in a jar?

Some women go through exhaustive lengths to retrieve their dead fetuses, which otherwise would have been discarded as medical waste. I suspect that refusing to have your dead unborn baby treated like rubbish is lost on many hardcore supporters of legalized abortion. They do everything in their power to not give any unborn children any social value whatsoever.

I notice that some exercise willful blindness and continue to call the unborn blobs of tissue. It's as if they believe what these women are doing is equivalent to crying over a lost appendix. I certainly don't appreciate being told the implication that my unborn child was just a clump of tissue, although I wouldn't expect any respect from feminists, seeing as I'm a pro-lifer. But you'd think they'd be considerate of non-pro-lifers. I thought feminism was about being true to women's experiences. But I note time and again that when women's experiences do not concord with feminist ideology, they are marginalized and rejected as inauthentic and beneath feminist contempt. So if women complain about regretting abortion, they're mentally ill to begin with, or when women value their fetuses (whatever their position on abortion!) they're macabre and deluded. I could go on.

To equate the desire for stillbirth certificates with some kind of morbid exhibitionism does not honour the choices these people have made. But as we've always known in pro-life circles, it's never been really about choice, but an ideology of feminist supremacy. Acknowledging the unborn child subverts this feminist tyranny.

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