Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Klan rallies in Alabama

I am seeing a rise in white supremacy, and it makes me SICK.

"We're a nation invaded," he said, his voice rising with each syllable, stirring the already tense gathering. "Look at what we've lost in Alabama alone, the steel mills, the factories. They've taken our jobs, and they're out to destroy the youth of our nation with their drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines."

White supremacists have to be some of the biggest whiners in the world.

Open a newspaper and look who is in charge: predominantly white males. Sure, there are a few Jews and Blacks, but they're mostly white.

They practice the same identity politics on the left, and that disgusts me. All human beings are equal and should be treated with compassion, not as some kind of vermin.

"I tell them to get their education, get their education behind them and then get out into the business world and into a position of influence," he said. "We've also got police, FBI agents and folks from the Department of Homeland Security among our members."


But it was not until the crowd gathered and sang a few verses of, "Jesus Loves the Little Children," that the Klan had no choice but to end its rally 15 minutes ahead of schedule, the volume from the crowd drowning them out.

Good for them!

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