Monday, May 07, 2007

Lies poor-choicers tell themselves about pro-lifers

The relentless drive against abortion by the Christian right—the first salvo having been fired with the 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision last month to uphold the federal ban on the procedure known as “partial birth abortion”—has nothing to do with the protection of life. It is, rather, a cover for a wider and more pernicious assault against the ability of women to control their own bodies, the use of contraception and sexual pleasure.


I often read this accusation.

I think that some pro-choicers are so desperate they make stuff up. They can't take pro-lifers at face value because God forbid they might have a point-- the unborn child might be human, and these poor-choicers might just possibly be on the wrong side.

So they have to ascribe to pro-lifers completely different motives in order to score political points.

Sincerity is something you can question because it's hard to prove or disprove to a person who does not have an open mind. I can swear to heaven and earth that I blog and fight every day for the equality of the unborn child, and that I really don't care what you do in your bedrooms (from a political standpoint) as long as the unborn don't suffer.

But how can you ultimately know I'm telling the truth?

If you want to be an extreme skeptic and cynic, you can say that you can't, and that nothing I say will ever prove my sincerity. But taking that stance is intellectually lazy.

If the pro-life movement had as its ultimate goal to control the bodies of women, wouldn't there be similar causes other than abortion that would garner this much political momentum? I don't see too many people picketing to criminalize tubal ligation, diaphragms or female condoms.

Take any example of a woman "controlling" her body sexually that does not involve the killing of an unborn child. Does the pro-life movement mobilize to end it? By and large the answer is "no". If anything, the issue of sexual pleasure is secondary, as the pro-life movement oppose abortion in the cases of rape and incest.

And that is how you know that poor-choicers make stuff up about the pro-life movement.

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