Monday, May 07, 2007

Irish Court says girl can't travel to UK for abortion

...But there will be another legal motion...

The High Court is now hearing arguments from counsel for the State, who says no permission from the District Court is needed and there is nothing stopping her from going.


I notice that the article did not mention what the lawyer for the unborn child will say.

Update...I caught wind of another article:

The judge said that granting the order would amount to a failure to protect the rights of the unborn and would therefore be unlawful and improper.

The HSE is now bringing a judicial review action challenging that order, stating the judge misconstrued the law and that she should be allowed to travel.

But it also says:

The court has heard that the decision was considerably influenced by the C Case which involved a 13-year-old victim of rape, who was allowed to travel because it was likely she would take her own life if she continued with the pregnancy.

I'm confused about how the decision to protect the unborn was influenced by another case where the girl ended up aborting.

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