Sunday, May 06, 2007

There could be a silver lining to this DNA sex test

The test looks for DNA from the baby in the mother's blood. If it picks up a Y-chromosome, that means a baby boy can be "confidently" predicted.

If there is no Y-chromosome DNA, the company can state "with equal confidence" that the baby will be a girl, the company says.


Perhaps this sex test could have positive ramifications.

The ultrasound, the doppler and prenatal testing have all contributed to making the unborn child more real-- in giving him an identity. Knowing the gender of the unborn child can help as well.

I would have loved to have known the sex of the child that I miscarried in 2004. Oh sure, I miscarried at 3 weeks, and the test would not have been of any use-- but at least I could have given my child a gender-appropriate name and referred to the baby in the correct gender.

Part of the reason the unborn child is so easily de-humanized is that he is anonymous. If mothers can know that their child is a boy or a girl, that might help most women feel as if their unborn children are "real".

I wouldn't suggest CPC's use this test. But I would say that perhaps pro-lifers can use this test on their own children to help foster unborn identity. If we can foster unborn identity, it's all that more difficult to de-humanize him.

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