Sunday, May 13, 2007

VIDEO: 'A' Word On The Street Episode #1 - Vancouver

This is a very interesting documentary series about Canadians' opinion on abortion. This is episode #1.

What I see is that there is a lot of opposition to abortion per se. What that hasn't translated into is a support for fetal rights. But I think with enough education, there is the potential to fuel that opposition for abortion into support for fetal rights.

I was quite pleasantly surprised at the number of non-white and (I assume) non-Christian people who opposed abortion.

I also note that this was shot in Vancouver, which is one of the more liberal cities in the country. I look forward to what people in other cities have to say.

A big thank you to John, AKA The Aborted Artist for this series. Please post it on your blog if you thought it was informative.

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