Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Govt of Canada did not support the March

Update on that kerfuffle over the wordmark on the March for Life Banner.

It looks as if the Leftists are trying to get the government to answer whether they sponsored the March for Life. They're thinking of *sigh* blogbursting about it.

I'll save them the trouble of asking: the government did not give one cent to the March for Life. How do I know? Because I attend Campaign Life meetings, and never is there any mention in financial reports of any government money. All efforts are paid for by the donations and fundraising activities of pro-life supporters.

Fern Hill of breadnroses is so upset right now, she is writing Olivia Chow asking that she demand the Government give an answer.

Fern Hill is certain that this tempest in a teapot is comparable to the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal.

All it is was someone made a banner and overlooked any copyright or trademark rules-- as many people are wont to do-- and put a Canada wordmark on the banner, probably for reasons of patriotism.

It's no more sinister than that.

Talk about your manufactured controversies.

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